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Version 0.30

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2021 7:11 pm
by support-admin
  • Create Tutorial
  • implement Folder Docking feature
  • Implement Bookmark Drag and Drop Sorting
  • add "streaming media" custom folder
  • add "Credit Cards" custom folder
  • add current version to the footer
  • Add "support" icon to header
  • Let users remove search field
  • Edit Login/Register Modal behavior - add tabs in header
  • logo update
  • Fix carousel not refreshing when switching between Combined & Chrome views
  • Disable right click on carousel folders
  • Change folder generic color
  • add text overlay on top of generic folders
  • add search engine
  • change default search to
  • add 4 new default folders
  • Add option to group "custom" folders in front of "chrome" folders on "Default" view in carousel
  • Split Bookmark and Folder sorting options