Screenshot URL Update

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Screenshot URL Update

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Hi, I've been using this bookmark tool and really like it. I think I found a minor "bug" please investiagte and correct if you can reproduce and its not my apple mac problem. If I want to have the extension create a screenshot of the website I have bookmarked I go to the three dots in the upper right, click create screenshot. It gives me the format to do this, add name and add the URL. It gives me the example URL to add as {}. I tried adding the site without the {https://}. I think that it would just add either the https:// or http:// as the domain is set up with or without SSL.

It doesn't work if I add {} (the screeshot is not displayed) but it does work if I follow your example and add {htpps://}. What if the website does not have SSL and is http:// ? or if the root is still "www". Can you update this feature to be able to add just {} and let the extension check and produce the screenshot whether its http:// or https:// ? with or without the cname sub-domain "www." no longer that popular? Thanks. Like this bookmark extension. Very powerful and just saw the advances option in the top right options tab. Will report any additional issues I find. Thanks for the fast and 24 hour fix on my last contact to your team. Fix worked flawlessly.

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Re: Screenshot URL Update

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Hi jdburns and welcome to the support forum.

The bug from your screenshot has been resolved and will be included in the next update.
Your extension will be updated automatically within a few days.

Thank you for your valuable feedback, please don't hesitate to contact our team as we work to improve this product and make it the easiest and best visual bookmark chrome extension.